A Day and A Life

A Day and A Life

Life can be a trip full of misconceptions, misunderstands and miscommunication just to name a few but the day has to be taken in full stride brushing off the haters, bugs and pollen and everything else negative along the way. Not so easy to get to the top of your spiritual growth, your business growth, hell life growth in general and forget if you have kids, well that’s a whole notha story (yes I said it like that LOL). Your life becomes their life. What they want, what they need and the YOU fades away and disappears until it becomes non existent BUT………..and this is where the learned behavior comes in at. There has to be balance! Huh, what’s balance you say? Yes balance…………….to be continued


Fibro Journey

Good morning, Today is one of the not so good days. I have some good days (not too much pain or either I’m so busy I don’t think about it) but then I have those not so good days and I call them not so good days because I refuse to say im having a bad day because any day I’ve awoken with life is a great day. 

So today I have noticeable pain…….I did a workout routine (have to get some practice in for teaching my first exercise class this weekend) and didn’t go hard doing it but did it to the extent where I thought I’d be ok (mind you I’m limiting my class to once a week because it takes me almost that long to recover from any pain). Anyways, I did my exercise and felt good afterwards but figured i should take my regular meds for it (which I take every night) and added 1 Aleeve and yes it definitely helped me sleep peacefully but this morning getting up was the issue. Pain, pain and more pain, my feet, my legs, my arms and my back. So on top of the normal workout pain is the fibro pain which amplifies the workout pain. This throbbing and aching pain, the throbbing sometimes feels like something is stabbing me in that area and although throb may not last very long mostly aching it hurts like hell and I have to stop and allow the throb to follow through. It’s really bad when it happens in my legs, for some reason that area is intensified!! 


The walk from the car to work was a journey this morning, each step felt like…….(honestly I don’t know how I would explain it). Holding my bag/s on my shoulder is another task, I’ve had to lighten my load quite a bit since this Fibro thing came along and did I mention wearing a bra has become a serious challenge! The strap in the back is the worse, im twisting and turning, loosening and tightening and redoing and adjusting all freaking day long. Some times I think perhaps I’ll just go without one but laugh at the thought………I do like my girls being up and not down to my toes and hopefully they’ll never get down to my toes LOL Lets talk about wearing shoes, did i mention that even hurts? For some reason the shoes I’ve worn or wear on an every day basis become bothersome after while. The soles of my feet have become so sensitive that I can hardly believe those are my same feet I had all my life.

Sitting at my desk this morning is a true challenge, trying to work and act normal when the back is hurting and that dam bra strap…….I just want to rip it off life Michael Jackson ripped his shirt!! And my thighs sitting in the chair is like im sitting on a ton of bricks. Luckily I have my feet propped up on the foot stool so they aren’t bothering me too bad and I am still able to type with minimal pain at the moment but by mid day that’ll be bothering me as well. Oh did i mention that because I took the Fibro meds and 1 Aleeve that i feel SUPER groggy this morning. Not really sleepy because like i said i feel like i slept really well this time (in a long time!) but because i took both of them, im still feeling the effects this morning so I’m going to be wired on coffee. Ok probably not because i usually get a cup in the morning and sip on it all day 🙂 

Anyways, another day another $1 – thanks for coming with me on my daily Fibro journey, hope to see you soon and please – if you can share some tips or info to help me manage, please do, I’ll try anything at this point

Fibro newbie out 

The 7th stage of fibromyalgia.

I Tripped Over a Stone


I found an article that was written in 2014 by a woman named A. Wise. She talked about there being 6 stages of fibromyalgia. I read through them and was a bit stunned when I reached the final and 6th, stage. Let me do my best to sum up Ms. Wise’s 6 stages.

  1. You notice something is wrong. You hurt and are tired. You may begin to research to find out what is wrong with you.
  2. You are in a lot of pain and are taking some sort of medication for it. You are exhausted everyday.
  3. You are in constant pain and constantly fatigued. You go to work, come home and sleep.
  4. Unrelenting pain and fatigue. You call into work more that you are physically there. You spend most of your days in bed. At this time people begining to doubt your illness because you could do things in stages…

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Living with Fibromyalgia

After being active ALL of my life from child hood, I would’ve never thought I’d be diagnosed with a debilitating pain! I remember from a little girl my mom putting myself and my brothers into sports programs in the summer time. I did a variety of things from tap dance, gymnastics, basketball, dance, volleyball, tennis (even won a trophy for tennis) to swimming and running track. So yes, I was always physically active. Fast forward to adulthood. Still active but not as much, no basketball, gymnastics, volleyball nor a few others but held on to tennis (occasionally), dance (regularly) and exercising whether its walking the track in the part, going to the gym and hitting the weights or a walk or job on the treadmill at home but still enough to keep my metabolism pretty high then BAM…………..start experiencing pain in my legs while walking to work from the car (about 5 blocks – that’s a good exercise right there). Doc thought it may be rheumatoid arthritis and sent me to a couple of specialists (oh they always check for blood clots first because I had a pulmonary embolism back in 2011 *A blood clot in each lung*) that’s another blog………..but the clots were clear, then sent me for numerous amounts of tests, stress tests and some others that I don’t remember specifically but ALL were normal yet I was still having this pain. I was put on meds, steroid packs and a couple of others and yet still pain. So at one doc visit, im not sure if it was something i said but something clicked in the doctor’s head and she said Fibromyalgia …………I was like what the world is that. Long story short, its overactive nerves which cause debilitating nerve pain! WHAT! So it initially started in my legs, now (currently to date) i also now have pain in my feet and ankles, my hands and forearms and sometimes its painful wearing my bra (where the strap is in back) O)O – I am on meds every evening before bed which is supposed to ease the nerve pain and it does help me sleep but during the day I’ll have to take an Aleeve as needed every so often to help ease the pain during the day. 

No one knows what causes it and back in the olden days it was said to only be in a WOman’s mind……………….seriously? Well I know for a fact that this pain is NOT only in my mind. I’ve been told that moving more and light exercising helps and it does but most days once the work day is over and doing all the mom things, im too exhausted to do any type of exercise and forget about sleep. I can’t seem to get enough sleep! But with all that said, i am enjoying life to the best of my ability and trying to maintain a normal lifestyle and even got certified to teach exercise classes which i can only do once a week and that’s not even adding in the things i do with my family as a mom on top of a full work day. Life challenges………………………but I will say overall GOD is GOOD!

Self Knowledge

Understanding self if a number 1 priority but can be difficult and challenging when going through life with no role models, no one to look up to, no direction or no guidance. Its a learned behavior……yes, a learned behavior! Whether you have any of the above things or not you have to know or at least have an idea of what you want out of life and choose the direction you would like to go in and follow through with it. It could be from seeing married couples in love and happy with big houses and nice families to a single person with a career and nice things or seeing a drug addict on the street to people robbing banks for a living. Your choice, there is always a choice. Choose wisely

Life goals:
Be successful 
Fall in love 
Get married 
Have and adopted kids 
Have a big house with a Library
And maybe a lake house lol